An Armadillo Liner is the Best Option for your Truck

In the market for a new truck liner? Don’t go with the drop-in option! You need to thoroughly protect your truck and the only way to do that is with a spray-on liner. But with so many choices out there, how do you know if you pick the right one?

This is a dilemma but fortunately, there is a perfect option. Our Armadillo Liners is not only your best option, but it’s really the only option you need for your truck.

Here’s why.


You bought your truck because you want a vehicle that works just as hard as it plays. And that means the occasional ding and scrape. And over time, those little imperfections can add up to some serious damage.

But with Armadillo, you won’t have to worry about the damage to your vehicle. That’s because our bed liners create a hard shell which can prevent damage from road debris.

It can also protect your vehicle from water damage. You will never have to worry about rust or corrosion forming on your bed. This also makes it a snap to clean up any dirt. And don’t worry if you haul around chemicals — our liners are chemical resistant. That means instead of seeping into the truck bed, causing structural damage, you can easily clean up the spill and not worry about the consequences of the accident.


At Marvel Coatings, we are committed to creating the perfect spray-on liner. This means the chemical formulation used in an Armadillo Liner have the highest level of impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance on the market. Like the armadillo itself, our spray-on bedliner becomes a hard shell that will protect your vehicle from damage caused by anything you haul in your truck bed. You know that when you purchase a liner, you will never have to worry about getting another liner again for your vehicle.

You won’t get this kind of quality from other spray-on liners. With our well-crafted bed liner, we offer the customer peace of mind knowing that your truck is protected with the best liner on the market today.


Not only is an Armadillo Liner protect your truck bed, but you’ll never have to worry about the color. Not only can we match the color of your truck, but that color will never fade away. That’s because our liners are resistant to UV rays — even in constant, direct sunlight, you won’t have to worry about your color turning yellow or fading away.

Not only that, our truck will look great for the lifespan of your truck! We guarantee it!


If you’re in the market for a spray-on bed liner for your vehicle, then the choice is clear. Contact AUTO GLASS TINT & BEDLINERS today at 402-339-7766 or by clicking HERE to find out how to get the best spray-on liner for your vehicle now.

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